Toni Martin (°1988, Monterey, United States) makes paintings and mixed media artworks. By using expressive gestures through fluid movement and precise pigment placement, Toni uncovers her emotional vulnerabilities in her works of art. The artist Toni Martin has a unique way of portraying her empathy for others with an abstract unspoken language of color and form, which take viewers on an emotional journey. 

Her paintings don’t reference recognizable form. By applying abstraction, she brings to life intense personal moments masterfully created by means of rules and omissions, acceptance and refusal. Ultimately her process creates deeper complexities in the art through manipulating the medium to its fullest extent.

Many of the artists’ works are assembled through bridging an innate connection to music, where her fingers are the instrument and the paint serves as musical notes. By (creating this way) she has created a visual representation of the universal bond between people through music, shapes, sounds and colors. The artistic impulses during Toni’s private creative process may seem random but stem from lucid dreams or deep feeling. Which often impact viewers with their intense Chroma and playful accents. 

Her works feature coincidental, accidental and unexpected transition which Toni hopes fascinates and creates beauty in chaos. Combining unrelated aspects lead to surprising analogies. Toni Martin, from Maryland, now currently lives and works in Dallas.





Solo Exhibitions

2018 – PRIMSYM – Lincoln experience center – Frisco, TX 

2016 Wink – Wall Gallery – Dallas, TX 

2015Euphoria – Random Art Gallery – Dallas, TX

2015 Beyond The Paint – Random Art Gallery – Dallas, TX



2019 – UTOPIA – Ethos Contemporary Gallery  – Newport Beach, CA

2019 – Ethos Contemporary Gallery  – Newport Beach, CA

2019 – Exhibit – Ten20Gallery  – Plano, TX

2019 – Aquashella Installation – Fair Park – Dallas, TX

2018 – The Motion of Mark – The Gallery at Courtyard Theatre  – Plano, TX

2018 – Aquashella Installation – White Eagle Convention Center  – Niles, IL

2017 – MOXIE – Inner Space Gallery  – Dallas, TX

2016Shelton auction – Benefiting children with dyslexia – Dallas, TX

2016Art from the heart celebrity event – (Guest speaker) – Auction benefiting Dallas challenge – Dallas, TX

2016Paint For Peaks – Art auction benefiting Breast cancer – Taos, NM

2016Opening – 20Ten Gallery – Dallas, TX

2015anniversary show – Wall Gallery – Dallas, TX

2015Cut for Love – Labart Gallery – Dallas, TX

2015Third Year Anniversary – Random Art Gallery – Dallas, TX

2015Urban Scene – Pop up show – Dallas, TX

2014Girls Show – Life in Deep Ellum – Dallas, TX

2014 ADay of Hope – Roma – Dallas, TX

2014South Side– Art Love Magic – Dallas, TX

2013 Group show – Luminarte – Dallas, TX

2012October H show – 1111 Gallery – Dallas, TX

2011Emotions of Life – Steve Coyte Gallery – Dallas, TX

2011 Group show – Rising Gallery – Dallas, TX

2010 Auction show – Alley’s House – Dallas, TX



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