Wink, Toni's latest show, is exhibiting at Wall Gallery in Dallas though September, 2016

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Wall Gallery


Art from_the_heart_benefiting_dallas_challenge

"Art from the heart" benefiting "Dallas challenge" (charity)

This event was an auction held to aid children with substance abuse issues. 

Toni Martin was one of the guest speakers who spoke out about personal experiences and the importance of treatment programs for young adults in the Dallas area. 




Beyond the Paint  |  November 12th 2015

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Beyond The Paint is a project that is benefiting Genesis Women’s Shelter. The idea is to have women from all walks of life share their story (stories will be shared in private only with artist Toni Martin) of hardships and how they have overcome their obstacles. The point is to help spread perspective and honor the women for their strength, bravery and integrity no matter the scale of their former or current struggles. All will be used to create painted portraits for an art show with a silent auction of the pieces benefiting charity.

Toni Martin's solo show "Beyond the paint" benefiting "Genesis Womn's shelter" involved interviewing women from all walks of life on the hardships they have faced and how they overcame those challeneges to meet their goals and live strong healthy lives. The hardships included rape, neglect, domestic violence, substance abuse and more. Each portrait was created to capture the essence of these women in the form of a portrait that complimented them as a whole. Each piece was sold at the show allowing Toni Martin to write a donation check to Genesis which is dedicated to helping women and children in similar situations. 


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Landon Burke Urban scene FacebookUrban Scene Dallas

Urban Scene: Architecture, Art & Culture: is an event created to support and promote local artists, and people who are wanting to enrich the urban scene. Each event will feature local architects, artists and people working hard to bring something unique to Dallas.

Toni: "i had the privillage of working with Landon Burke the creator of urban scene and Laura Reeder the event coordinator".

Toni first work displayed in a lavish house near the greenville area.

Candys Dirt Article | Landon Burke Urban scene Facebook

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Euphoria show

A picture capture by photographer Gregory martin at Toni Martin's solo show "Euphoria"

This event showcased her series based on the concept of when fluid thought meets focus creating a state of lucidity. Each work of art was created through listening to music while self reflecting on the connection she had to herself and the sound.