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   “EYE SPY” event - An exhibition soiree showcasing various works by artist Toni Martin, including unveiling of her immersive art installation titled “EYE SPY”. The Concept of this hidden room is to mute the clashing of visual noise given off by everyday items/objects. This was done by using a uniform color scape design and motion lights, allowing the items to blend and blurs the audience's perception. This themed room is an escape that allows you focus on being in the moment!  Designed to be fun and relaxing with a chroma therapy influence and outlook! The color shifts are part of the intrinsic beauty to tingle the senses and get lost in color and a game of eye spy! 
   Hosted at the LORENZO HOTEL, one of Dallas’s premiere art centric hotels Just south of Dallas City Hall and the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in the heart of downtown Dallas. D Magazine called it “the ultimate Instagram backdrop” and guest comments liken a stay at Lorenzo to spending the night in a museum.  The Hotel’s pool, fed by a fountain emanating from the mouth of an Einstein mural, and its Relativity Bar, evoke a scene resembling a South Beach Miami palm lined resort. Lorenzo’s vivid exterior light display has been likened to a “bat signal” to the Dallas area art community. Lorenzo is an iconic hotel whose guests get to unlock their inner artist and escape the ordinary. 
   “Many of the artists’ works are assembled through bridging an innate connection to music, where her fingers are the instrument and the paint serves as musical notes. By (creating this way) she has created a visual representation of the universal bond between people through music, shapes, sounds and colors. The artistic impulses during Toni’s private creative process may seem random but stem from lucid dreams or deep feeling. Which often impact viewers with their intense Chroma and playful accents. 
    Her works feature coincidental, accidental and unexpected transition which Toni hopes fascinates and creates beauty in chaos. Combining unrelated aspects lead to surprising analogies. Toni Martin, from Maryland, now currently lives and works in Dallas."



TIME:  6:30PM - 9:00PM

DATE: October 24th 2020

Gummy Bear Martini ~
Ciroc red berry vodka, Curaco, Champagne, squeeze of lime, Gummy Bears, cherry fruit
Old Fashioned ~ Bourbon, Bitters
Complimentary (TBD with sponsor): Tequila Sunrise
All guests must abide by city mandates for COVID-19. The Lorenzo Hotel requires social distancing and wearing a mask. 

Donation Link:

*All donations will be placed into a raffle and FOUR (4) people will be chosen to receive a custom acrylic butterfly from Toni's butterfly collage piece. The butterflies will be signed by Toni. 
*If donator is outside of DFW, butterfly will be mailed.