Dallas-based artist Toni Martin has captured viewers’ attention with her award-winning paintings and mixed media pieces over the past few years. Creating everything from portraits to three-dimensional works, the Maryland-native is debuting her newest exhibit “Eye Spy” (which features chromatherapy — the use of light and color to alter mental states) at Lorenzo Hotel in The Cedars on October 24.

In anticipation of the opening, we caught up with Martin to learn about what inspired the exhibit, as well as her recent painting for the historic Pittman Hotel in Deep Ellum.


Toni Martin headshot at Eye Spy 2 2048x1365


What inspired “Eye Spy?” 

Toni Martin: So I really liked the game Eye Spy because it’s a mixture of random objects and pieces of life that people have probably encountered at one point or another. I picked items that were personal to me and that I connected with.

One of my main pictures is a piggy bank with wings. The only thing in “Eye Spy” that I kept a different color were those pig’s wings because they were silver. Above the pig, I put a fairy sparkling dust on him — playing off the concept of “when pigs fly.” I’m a firm believer that you can make your own pigs fly.

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