The work below is titled “ICON”, 48"X60". “ICON” was created by artist Toni Martin in the span of Two hundred and forty hours. The meaning behind this work was to capture the beautiful mind of someone who is learning different (like martin). The dynamic aspect of this work represents the complexity of the synapses of thoughts in a creative physical form. The white represents the purity and innocence and the colorful spots capture the beautiful abstract unique thoughts someone with learning differences may have. Each piece is hand made from a synthetic modeling material and mixed media before being placed meticulously on a solid piece of wood. Martin took a year and half to complete the concept and ultimately donated the first of its kind to “Shelton School Stampede Auction”. The Shelton Auction is a wonderful event held every March. Together with parents, friends, families and volunteers, the Shelton Parents’ Association will raise money for Shelton School's fine arts, athletics, technology programs, and the Faculty Fund. Various donations include works of art given by a plethora of artists.